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Ken Cameron - Dec 14th, 2018

Clarice Parry - Dec 14th, 2018 has been a godsend for my husband. Although the drug his doctor prescribed isn’t a life and death Type thing, the samples he gave him made a HUGE difference. Of course, the cost here was exorbitant. PlanetDrugsDirect got us the exact same name brand for a fraction of the cost, and they make it very easy. Highly recommend!

Molly & Joe P. - Dec 14th, 2018

I would give Planet Drugs a 5 star rating. The money we have saved has been able to pay off many of our medical bills. They are helpful, courteous, prompt and knowledgeable. Wish the US drug companys' were as good. Thank you Planet Drugs and have a Happy Holiday.

Sheila - Dec 13th, 2018

Dependable and professional. Good service and good prices. I would recommend Plant Drugs Direct to anyone who wants to save money on prescription medications.

Brandi F - Dec 13th, 2018

Super user friendly! Pharmacists are always pleasant and helpful! I recommend to everyone i talk to...even my doctor to recommend to other patients!

Wayne Downs - Dec 13th, 2018

Was very happy with your response to my order and will be ordering again soon

Marcia - Dec 13th, 2018

Good service, good prices, nice people to talk to when you call and very easy to order online.

CED - Dec 13th, 2018

Very easy to order, customer service was very good and the prices were less tha half the cost of our local pharmacy, including Walmart. What we would have paid for a 30 day supply, we got a 90 day supply.

JAMES J JORDAN JR - Dec 13th, 2018

Howard Anderson - Dec 13th, 2018

Would be nice to know when I will get my order. You do a good job. The banking ACH is scary to me.