How To Purchase Medication Online Safely

The price of prescription medication continues to rise on a regular basis. Because of this fact, many people in the United States have decided to buy their medication from international sources that do not charge as much money. Canada has become one of the most popular countries for Americans to buy their prescription drugs from.

When using Canadian Pharmacies and international prescription referral services, the following steps should be taken to ensure you are purchasing safe, legitimate medication.

Purchase only from certified International Prescription Referral Services

Prior to buying medication from any international prescription referral service, you will need to verify that the website in question has a certification with the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). This is an organization that issues certifications to various websites that have been proven to provide only the highest quality medication and outstanding customer service.

The vast majority of online pharmacies that have received the CIPA certification will display it very clearly on their homepage. They will also display all of their contact information. If you want to obtain a list of online pharmacies that have received a registration and license to operate in Canada, you can visit the CIPA website.

Avoid websites that are scams

Unfortunately, there are many scam websites that you must avoid when you are shopping for medication sold by Canadian online drugstores. You will frequently see websites offering to sell medication without a prescription. This is a clear sign that the website is a scam. If a drug requires a prescription from a physician in the United States, a reputable international prescription referral service will require the same prescription.

It is also common to find websites offering to write prescriptions for various medications. This type of criminal activity is perpetrated by scammers. You should also stay away from online pharmacies that do not reveal the name of the company that made the medication you are looking to purchase. Reputable online pharmacies will always supply you with the manufacturer information for all medications they sell.

You should always read feedback from customers

Locate a website that provides feedback from current or former customers of the international prescription referral service you are thinking about using. There are certain review websites that will only permit people to post a review if they have bought an item from the online drugstore being reviewed (much like ours).

These are the sites you should use because the reviews will be legitimate. If you read about the previous experiences of people who have purchased from the online pharmacy you are researching, you will find out what to expect if you do business with them. You should be aware that the reviews posted on some review sites are not accurate, so be careful which ones you get your information from. should be used is a site that can verify which online Canadian prescription referral services are reputable, as well as which ones offer the lowest prices. It provides useful advice to customers, along with ratings of various pharmacies. It also compares the prices of medication that can be purchased online against other approved online pharmacies.

A large amount of money can be saved by purchasing medication from online Canadian prescription referral services. By following the steps in this article, you will be able to order your prescription drugs from Canada in a safe and timely manner.

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